(TT-FWDD) Tahoe Truckee Future Without Drug Dependence

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Tahoe Truckee FWDD Mission:  To build a community free from drug and alcohol abuse 

A Tahoe-Truckee Call to Action by our Chief of Police 2013:

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FWDD Coalition Members

About Us

We are a community-wide coalition formed in January 2010, comprised of diverse volunteers from at least 12 different  sectors working together to prevent youth substance abuse. Sectors include youth, parents, faith, schools, youth serving organizations, law enforcement, business, civic, government, health care, media, and other treatment  professionals.

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Our Work:

Science shows that drug and alcohol addiction almost always begins in adolescence. The developing  teen brain is much more sensitive to the effects of drugs and alcohol.  Preventing teen drug and alcohol use is critical to preventing teen and adult abuse.  Our main focus areas are:

  • Reducing youth access to alcohol, Rx drugs and marijuana through social and retail sources.
  • Changing or modifying community policies and advocating for existing policies that reduce teen use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Changing the social norms that promote alcohol and drug use as a necessary component of having fun.

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Join Us

TT-FWDD received a federal Drug Free Communities Grant in September 2011.  As a volunteer group we invite you to join us in making positive change in our community.  We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers.

This website was developed in part with TT-FWDD under grant number 1H79SPO18300-01 from the Office of National Drug Control Policy and Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration.  The views and opinions and content of this website are those of the authors and contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or policies of ONDCP, SAMHSA, and should not be construed as such.

 Contact Us:  530 546-1924 fwdd@ttcf.net  PO Box 366 Truckee CA 96160

Join our Facebook page at facebook.com/TTFWDD, or our Twitter page  @TT_FWDD

To Donate Please Use our Secure Link: https://www.givebacktahoe.org/organization/Ttfwdd