Preventing Teen Marijuana Use

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 Did you Know:

  • Marijuana is the second most commonly abused drug by Tahoe-Truckee teens. 
  • Marijuana is harmful and has been shown to cause dependence in about 9% of users and 16% of adolescent users.
  • Marijuana use interferes with learning, memory, attention, judgement and focus and has been linked to lower academic achievement and income.
  • Marijuana use affects coordination, balance, and distorts time which can impair driving leading to increased risk of accidents.
  • Marijuana smoke contains many of the same carcinogens (cancer causing substances) found in tobacco smoke and is linked to respiratory infections and chronic bronchitis.
  • While possession of marijuana is a $100 fine, on school grounds it is still a misdemeanor criminal offense- where possession can result in higher fines, probation, jail time, and court costs.

What is Tahoe-Truckee doing to prevent teen use?:

The science shows that marijuana use is harmful and use during adolescence greatly increases the risk of developing dependence on the drug. TT-FWDD has a committee specifically working on preventing teen's from begining to use.  We use presentations, videos, speakers and social marketing to build awareness about the harms of use   Athlete committed presentations in the schools teach students how marijuana impacts their athletic performance.  We have copies of the film "The Other Side of Cannabis" available to show to a group you work with.  It shares the stories of young people and adults with marijuana use disorder.  Please contact us if you would like to schedule a presentation.


Resources on marijuana:

 If you are wondering if your marijuana use has become a problem, please visit

Marijuana Info-how it affects the brain.pdf Marijuana Info-how it affects the brain.pdf
Size : 519.805 Kb
Type : pdf
ONDCPMarijuanaFacts.pdf ONDCPMarijuanaFacts.pdf
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Type : pdf
teen-marijuana-depression-report.pdf teen-marijuana-depression-report.pdf
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MedicalMarijuanFactSheet.pdf MedicalMarijuanFactSheet.pdf
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Type : pdf
marijuana power point presentation slides.pdf marijuana power point presentation slides.pdf
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Type : pdf

Spanish Marijuana Resources:

Spanish Marihuana Info.pdf Spanish Marihuana Info.pdf
Size : 477.748 Kb
Type : pdf

 Resources on Synthetic Drugs: Salvia, Spice, K2, Bath Salts:

synthetic_marijuana.pdf synthetic_marijuana.pdf
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Type : pdf
salvia_0.pdf salvia_0.pdf
Size : 396.844 Kb
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K2_Spice.pdf K2_Spice.pdf
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Bath_Salts.pdf Bath_Salts.pdf
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 Spanish Resources on Synthetic Drugs: Salvia, Spice, K2, Bath Salts

spice-sp.pdf spice-sp.pdf
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salvia_infofact_spanish_final.pdf salvia_infofact_spanish_final.pdf
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