Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

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Register for a free upcoming Naloxone Nasal Kit training:

Truckee 12/4/2018 from  6-7:00 pm Church of the Mountains 

Kings Beach 12/5/2018 from 6-7pm at the United Methodist Church and Retreat Center

 Did you know:

  • 7 of 10 people addicted to prescription drugs say they got them from friends and family and their medicine cabinets.
  • Prescription drug use is second only to marijuana, as the most abused drug by Tahoe-Truckee teens with 5% of our highschool freshman reporting misusing a prescription drug to get high in the past 30 days.
  • 80% of local adults and 88% of local teens say they know someone their age, misusing these drugs to get high.
  • Prescription drugs disposed of down the drain, can end up in our water supply, harming people and wildlife.
  • Thru the Tahoe-Truckee Rx Safe Disposal Project, residents have already collected and disposed 1.3 TONS of Rx medications, protecting the water supply, and our young people.
  • Tahoe-Truckee has two permanent prescription drop-off bins for residents to safely dispose of unwanted or expired Rx and over-the-counter drugs.

National RX Take Back Days

Next Events:

Spring 2019 at:

Truckee: 11290 Donner Pass Rd. Gateway Shopping Center Parking Lot, in front of Safeway (9am-1pm only)

Tahoe City: 300 North Lake Blvd. (Old Fire Station, Above Commons Beach) (9am-12pm only)

Tahoe-Truckee community members are uniting to safely dispose of expired or unwanted prescription drugs at the Rx Drug Take Back Days in Tahoe City and Truckee.  These free, anonymous events are happening across the United States in an effort to reduce the prescription drug epidemic.   Over 918 local residents have participated in the DEA sponsored events since 2010. Disposing of 1,529 lbs of pills.   With 28% of participants saying they now lock up pharmaceuticals at home to prevent diversion or misuse. Join us this year in being part of the solution.   

Year -Round Rx Safe Disposal :

TT-FWDD and it's partners are proud to announce that two permanent Rx Safe Disposal Bins are located at Placer County Sheriff's Tahoe City Station and Truckee Police Department. Locals have disposed of 1,158 lbs of pharmaceuticals at these two sites sites they opened in 2012.  See the information below on location, hours and drop-off instructions.  Listen to Former Truckee Police Chief Adam McGill talk about the disposal bins:

Watch the Parents 360 Rx Drug Video: 


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 Watch the medication safety video:

 Spanish Resources:

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